Christmast Test

November 28, 2021 Speaker: Jason Marlin Series: Christmas

Passage: Luke 2:4–14

Christmas test 

Question #1: Joseph and Mary traveled to


a. on a camel

b. in a wooden cart

c. in a Volkswagen

d. with Joseph walking and Mary riding a donkey

Luke 2:4-5

Question 2 When Joseph and Mary finally arrived in Bethlehem, the innkeeper’s actual words to them were:

a. “Why didn’t you make reservations?”

b. “Please use my stable.”

c. “There is no room for you in the inn.”

Luke 2:7

Question #3: The place where Mary and Joseph placed newly-born Jesus was:

a. a wooden cradle

b. a hammock

c. a feed trough

Question #4: The number of angels that spoke to the shepherds was:

a. a heavenly host

b. one

c. none

Luke 2:10-11,14

Question #5: The sign the shepherds were to look for in identifying Jesus was:

a. a Christmas tree

b. three wise men

c. a baby lying in an animal feed trough

Question #6: The “star in the east” was seen by:

a. the shepherds

b. three kings from the Orient

c. astrologers living in Persia


•Question #7: The wise men came to visit Jesus:

  • •a. while Jesus was lying in the manger
  • •b. just after the shepherds returned to the fields
  • •c. in the house where Joseph and Mary were staying
Matthew 2:11,16
•Question #8: Myrrh was used:
  • •a. to mix in drinks to relieve pain
  • •b. to embalm the dead
  • •c. both “a” and “b”


Question #9: Christmas was not officially celebrated until the fourth century. True or False?

Question #10: Christmas trees, mistletoe, ivy, and holly were pagan icons. True or False?

Question #11: The month with the highest suicide rate is January. True or False?

Luke 2:14
Romans 5:1

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