Our church will be engaged in 21 days of prayer and fasting starting on March 14th and continuing up through Easter. We hope to use this time to draw closer to God and one another as we prepare to resume week day services and other events leaving the pandemic.

Below is a list of different resources that you can use to help begin and continue fasting as a church and family. They help provide motivation, instruction, tips, and ideas for fasting as an individual and with your families.

Prayer and Fasting: Why? and How?

Prayer and Fasting: Tips

Prayer and Fasting: ACTS Method

Prayer and Fasting: With Family

Prayer and Fasting: With Kids

We provide all of these resources in a full packet that can be picked up from the church. However if you wish to print off or save all of this information in one document then click below:

Prayer and Fasting: Complete Guide

Welcome to the journey that we as a church will be taking to draw close to God these upcoming weeks.


Fasting Resources - The Summit Church